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Jen Kingwell (of the Jane Austen Argument) and Adam Rudegeaire, whom together make up Neon Bogart, need funding for their new EP and in doing so you could be rewarded with signed copies, cheaper fringe tickets to their concert and exclusive downloads. 

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Covers EP…

Holy shit!!! We are only $3015 away from the Covers EP being a GO!!! Everyone who pledges (even a dollar) will be sent a digital download of this bad boy - and it will never be released. So if you want a copy - you MUST get involved with the pozible campaign! 

Thanks so much to everyone who is already a part of this project. We are not only making history - we are making a MOTHERFUCKING ALBUM BABY!!!!

Answering your questions!

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Today I am going to endeavor to answer all questions posted via the “ask” function here today. If your question is super personal I’ll reply privately - but most I will post public. 

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On 1 year anniversary of Fuck Plan B, Our Album, new goals and new rewards

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 Hi everyone. I love you!

I am long overdue with the blog – so this is a blog on the album campaign (including new rewards FOR EVERYONE), the one year anniversary of Fuck Plan B and how much I love and need you all!!!

One Year Since Fucking Plan B

A year and 3 days ago I quit my 9-5 day job to focus on my music. This was either the stupidest or bravest, most exciting and terrifying, punishing / rewarding decision I have ever made. I made the exit on my 25th birthday… On Monday of this week I turned 26.

As I gently reflect on the year that has been, on my bank balance, and my quality of life – I can say without hesitation that it has been worth it.

I made this leap because I believe in my music – but more broadly because I believe in the role of the artist in contemporary life, and I believe in the ever-deepening relationship between the artist and the audience.

Since taking the plunge I have travelled the world, between The Jane Austen Argument and my solo work I have released 3 Singles, 3 EPs and an Album, I have played in converted churches, parks, huge theatres, tiny dingy pubs  and lounge rooms. I have written new songs, I have discovered old ones. In the midst of all this, Ange and I got engaged to be “not-quite-married” 7 times in 7 different countries. These things have made it an incredible year.

On the flip side – I have lost SO much money. I have broken down in tears in the Centrelink line. I have alienated friends who don’t understand my job. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t contemplated giving up. These things have made it a challenging year.

OUR album

On Friday 18 May, 3 days before my birthday, I launched my crowdfunding campaign to fund my debut solo record. In the days leading up to the launch, Ange and I worked 7am-2am pulling the campaign together. This was the last ditch effort to make it work. We taught ourselves to shoot a video; we storyboarded, shot and edited and reshot and reedited. We asked you guys about what rewards you wanted to see, and tried best to incorporate your suggestions. We’ve agonized over the budget, and had to make some really big decisions about what was most important to us – what we could afford, and what would have to go. It was exhausting.

To my utter joy, excitement, disbelief and amazement – we reached the goal of $10,000 in under 15 hours. Just insane. Just totally and amazingly beautiful. Why did it work? Because this community we are all apart of made it work. Because there is a real belief in what we can make together. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for making it work!

I have been dreaming of making this record for as long as I can remember. With $10,000 – we can afford to do it!


But the campaign is still live, and there is still a chance to support the project. The more money we raise – the better the album will be.

Thanks to you… We are dreaming big!

If we manage to raise double our initial target, we will have a really decent budget to make this album they way we want to. We will be able to afford more time in the studio and we’ll rope in AMAZING guest musicians (I’m already scheming)! We could even get some publicity – and might, just might even be able to distribute the real, actually-happening album to real, actual record shops!

If we exceed $25,000 we can get one of Melbourne’s best producers to sign onto the album – and if we hit $50K or above we can afford to tour the album!!! It’s not necessarily likely – but you have all reaffirmed my belief in possibility.


To this end, we DO have really exciting new rewards for EVERYONE that supports!!   … Potentially

IF we hit the 20K mark (hope hope), ANYONE who pledges or has already pledged during the campaign will get a bonus digital 6 Track EXCLUSIVE Covers EP. We are making this JUST FOR YOU, and it will only ever be released to supporters of this project. AND we will be giving supporters the chance to suggest which songs you would like to see on the EP!!

If we hit 50K… Holy fucking shit!!! We will send out a LIVE DVD of the Album Launch!!! The DVD will also contain behind the scenes footage from EVERY single step of the process, interviews and HEAPS of extras!!! Anyone who has pledged over $30 will get a signed physical copy – anyone under $30 will get a digital download. Awesome yeh???

Click here to become part of OUR album:

As Amanda says, We Are The Media

So once again I need to ask you to pick up your phones, talk to your friends on social media and discuss this project with EVERYONE YOU KNOW!! If they can spare a dollar – they can be a part of our record.

But Most importantly:

this is amazing.